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Postgraduate Courses

Ars in Fabula, 1st level Postgraduate Certificate in Illustration for Publishing


ars in fabulaThe organization and the didactic coordination of the Postgraduate Coourse are managed by: 
La Fabbrica delle Favole - Macerata, ph. +39 0733 231740 - F +39 0733 231740 

ARS IN FABULA is a training project created by fabbricadelleFavole and activated by the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, born to meet the needs of those who want to approach the world of illustration for Publishing
(beginners or professionals), improving their technical - artistic level, through
a course of higher education.

Ars in Fabula, 1st level Postgraduate Certificate in Illustration for Publishing

ARS IN FABULA - Postgraduate Certificate in Illustration for Publishing is the first license granted by the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR) for the illustrator profession.
The new academic year of the course will be activated by the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and organized by fabbricadelleFavole; this is a specializing session aimed at training and professional enhancement of illustrators, through the realization of a book project and the recognition of a Master Specialization title.

The Postgraduate Course is open to: holders of university degree preferably (but not exclusively) in the artistic, architectural, advertising graphic areas, from Higher Education Institutes (Universities, Academies, ISIA, IED) Italian and foreign, for which a corresponding degree is considered valid in Italy, too.

The Postgraduate Course lasts one year (from October to September in the following year), the Course is divided into three modules: two summer modules (in class) and a winter one (in e-learning). The students have a commitment of 1,500 hours, which will recognize them 60 credits at the end of the course. The students are requested to develop a book project assigned to them by the publishers partner of the Master. In the various phases of the project work, students are tutored by a group of teachers, composed by illustrators, graphic artists and publishers.
The final evaluation will be expressed by averaging the ratings received by students along the course (frequency lectures, partial results obtained through the evaluations in each module, including the stage) with the assessment of the profit achieved for the final essay presented.
In the period of stage (4 weeks in the third module) students will face a series of exercises in class concerning the different fields of illustration: covers, magazines, advertising, educational publishing.






Years of ABAMC
in 2013
in 2013